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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Last exam starts at 3:30 PM



8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Last exam starts at 2:30 PM


Please be aware, if you are scheduled to take an exam at the S&T Testing Center, all persons are required to use a face mask covering your nose and mouth.

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In accordance with the Missouri S&T policy. 

The S&T Testing Center is providing limited testing spaces 轻蜂加速器破解版

  • S&T classroom exams
  • Distance education exams (i.e. proctoring exams from other universities/schools)
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  • Professional exams (MoCA/MEGA, PMP, NREMT, CompTIA, GMAT, and other Pearson exams; MoGEA, Scantron/Castle, TOEFL)
  • Placement tests (MMPT, CLEP)

Non-S&T Student Tests will be temporarily suspended after July 31, 2024.

For additional information, please call the testing center (573)341-4222 or email 轻蜂加速器使用方法

For disability services and accommodation questions, please call (573) 341-6655 or email dss@mst.edu


  • Students must sign up for every exam they intend to take at our center. Professors, advisors, and other individuals should not register exams on a student's behalf.
  • Students must test at the same time and date as the rest of the class. If there is a schedule conflict, the student must contact the instructor to work it out. Students are responsible for getting approval from their instructor(s) to take exams at the Testing Center.
  • Registrations must be made at least 3 business days (72 hours) in advance of the time of the exam. Without sufficient notice, we may be unable to fulfill a request (e.g. An exam request that is made late on Friday afternoon has no guarantee of being ready on Monday morning. We do not work during weekends and campus closures). 

Register for classroom exams


  • Students must register for their own exams with the Testing Center once the date and time have been approved by you. The exam process is carried out in two parts: an instructor submits an exam with the center, and students sign up for that exam. The Testing Center requires students to register for an exam to ensure that we are able to anticipate and seat all those who are coming to test.

Faculty Proctor Request


The Testing Center serves Missouri S&T and the greater Rolla area community by providing a courteous and secure atmosphere for testing and assessment services.

The Testing Center offers a variety of testing programs which include:

  • Distance education exams (i.e. proctoring exams from other universities/schools)
  • Senior assessments (such as the Major Field Test (MFT) and Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam)
  • Professional exams (MoCA/MEGA, PMP, NREMT, CompTIA, GMAT, and other Pearson exams; MoGEA, Scantron/Castle, TOEFL)
  • Placement tests (MMPT, CLEP)

Professional and Distance Exams

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